How to Reclaim Gift Aid

Are you a registered charity or church in Northern Ireland? Are you unsure how to claim Gift Aid? Are you behind on your Gift Aid claims? We at PGR can help relieve that burden and let you focus on what really matters – making a positive difference in the world. In this blog, we will explore the ins and outs of Gift Aid and how PGR Accountants can play a crucial role in its preparation and submission.

Firstly, what is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a generous tax relief scheme in the United Kingdom that allows registered charities to claim back the basic rate of income tax on donations made by individual taxpayers. This means that for every £1 donated by a taxpayer, the charity can receive an additional 25p from the government, making donations go even further. For example, a £100 donation with Gift Aid would result in a total contribution of £125 to the charity.

Understanding Gift Aid

Gift Aid operates as a tax incentive to encourage charitable giving. To qualify for Gift Aid, the donor must be a UK taxpayer and have paid an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to the amount the charity will claim. Additionally, donors must make a declaration confirming their eligibility for Gift Aid, which can be done through a variety of methods, including online forms and written statements.

Common issues facing Charities & Churches

From our experience many registered charities and churches:

  1. Are behind on their Gift Aid submissions and missing out on much needed cash flow
  2. Are struggling with keeping their accounting records up to date and remain compliant with Charities Commission NI regulations & accounting standards
  3. Are operating a manual accounting system with minimal controls over cash handling and accounting processes in place

How can PGR Accountants help?

PGR are experts in the preparation of charity accounts and Gift Aid reclaims. Here’s how we can help with preparation and submission:

  1. Gift Aid return preparation: navigating the complexities of tax and Gift Aid regulations can be daunting for charities and churches. We can help you prepare Gift Aid returns that are HMRC compliant. If you have already prepared returns we can review these to ensure the claims are accurately prepared from your accounting records.
  2. Financial Recordkeeping: precise financial recordkeeping is essential for successful Gift Aid claims. We can help you establish robust systems to track donations, ensuring that the necessary information for Gift Aid submission is up to date. As Northern Ireland’s strategic partner with QuickBooks we could help you transition away from manual records and improve your record keeping.
  3. Efficient Submission: we can ensure that all required information is accurately completed and promptly submitted to HMRC, reducing the likelihood of delays or rejection. We can also follow up with HMRC on your behalf to check the status of any previously submitted claims.


Gift Aid is a valuable scheme that empowers charities and churches to make a greater impact with the support of their donors. We play an integral role in helping charities navigate the Gift Aid landscape, from ensuring eligibility and compliance to maximising claims and efficient submission processes. By leveraging our expertise, charities and churches can confidently embrace Gift Aid, improve your cash flow and focus on your core mission of making a positive difference in the world. So, if you’re a charity or church and need help with your accounts or gift aid return preparation contact Lee today on 02890 788892 or email